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June 28 2017

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Mosquito repellent is dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be

Most mosquito repellent since the 1950s has contained a compound called DEET. It works well, but it can also melt your swim trunks, and give you a rash. On top of that, it’s too expensive to be a major factor in parts of the world where malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses are a serious problem.

UC Riverside’s Anandasankar Ray set out to find a better alternative, but first he needed to figure out how a mosquito’s nose works – and why DEET works in the first place.

Watch the video to learn more:

June 12 2017

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NEW VIDEO! How to Procrastinate Effectively 👌 (If you’re gonna waste time, here’s how to do it right)

June 01 2017

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NEW VIDEO! Mind-Blowing Illusions That Trick Multiple Senses. 

Your brain does its best to piece together the world – but our senses are susceptible to being tricked. For centuries we thought that optical illusions only tricked our visual perception – now we know that the same illusions can trick the touch perception of those who are blind. 

There’s more to the humble optical illusion than first meets the eye 👀

May 30 2017

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NEW VIDEO! The Quantum Power of the Human Nose (your sense of smell is pretty incredible)

Inside your nose, odour molecules interact with your senses at the quantum level – you can detect the presence of extra neutrons in a molecule. Lots of the ways we experience the world are on the teeniest, tiniest scale. It’s just one of the places that quantum mechanics interacts with biology. Now you nose 👃✨

May 10 2017

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IT’S HERE! Watch my new documentary, MUTANT MENU, for free on YouTube

Gene editing technologies, including CRISPR, have the potential to save lives and cure disease; but using them also comes with risk. I talk to experts around the world to explore the scientific potential and societal implications – and let you come to your own conclusions about this technology. Would you design your DNA? And should we be able to? 

I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I am SO excited to share this with you 👩🏻‍🔬💕

May 05 2017

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Friends in NYC! I’m having a screening of my new documentary, MUTANT MENU, at YouTube Space NY next Wednesday, May 10! I would love to see you there! There will be food, drinks, laughter and curiosity. 

RSVP: http://to.pbs.org/MutantMenuEvent 

May 04 2017

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May the 4th be with you! 

May 03 2017

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NEW TRAILER! I made a documentary! MUTANT MENU is coming exclusively to YouTube on May 10 🔬

Make sure you’re subscribed to BrainCraft so you don’t miss out. 

May 02 2017

May 01 2017

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